For the fifth year in a row, Toyota ALJ launches the "Toyota Dream Car Art Contest" to give Saudi Arabia’s younger generations an opportunity to showcase their artistic talents by illustrating the car of their dreams. The contest will continue until February 28, 2015.
Three age groups of the Kingdom’s younger generation have the chance to express their artistic talent and design their own vehicle of the future in the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. The three categories are: children under 8 years; 8-11 years; and 12-15 years. There are prizes for 1st- 3rd place in each age group, plus other special awards.
The Kingdom is one of the 75 countries participating in the 2014 edition of the competition and winners of the Saudi National Contest will be entitled to be entered in the World Contest. If selected they will have the chance to win a trip to Japan.
To enter the art contest, children are required to draw their dream car of the future on A3-size paper and submit the drawing to the nearest Toyota showroom in the Kingdom. The contest is now open and the last date for receiving entries is February 28, 2015.

Less than 8 years old

1st Winner

Abdullah Mohammed AlOtaibi

The flying car that carries balls to all world children.

2nd Winner

Mohammed Faisal

Around the world in Toyota world cruise

3rd Winner

Hamed Abul Ola

Water Car

From 8 Years To 11 Years Old

1st Winner

Sayed Irshad Ali Sayed

Toyota Super Car

2nd Winner

Jodie Mohamed El Tawab

Robot Maker

3rd Winner

Mohamed Khair Abdullah Barghooth

Toyota creates the world and the world creates Toyota

From 12 Years to 15 Years Old

1st Winner

Aisha Mohamed Abo Al Mofteh

Happiness Car

2nd Winner

Jazmeen Ezangelista Banznela

Hand In Hand Hope

3rd Winner

Ahmad Abdullah Basheer

Nano - Hover

How to Start!

Entry period


Contest Theme

Draw your dream car

The World Contest

Winners of the local contest will be eligible to participate in the World Contest. If selected, winners will get the chance to attend the international awards ceremony and travel to Japan with one parent or legal guardian.

The local Contest

Awards: 1st - 3rd places from 3 categories (9 total awards) Prize: The first through third place prizes in each category of the Local Contest shall be as follows:

1st place prize: Wii U

2nd place prize: Ps Vita

3rd place prize: 2DS

1st place prize: PS4

2nd place prize: iPhone 5c

3rd place prize: iPad Mini

1st place prize: MacBook

2nd place prize: DSLR Camera

3rd place prize: Laptop


Digital Painting Not Allowed, A3 Dimension : 420 mm x 297 mm

The Contest News

Contest Period Timer

  • 22
  • 12
  • 4
  • 33

Activities Time-Line


Dream Car Art Contest in Aseer Mall (S.R.) on Thursday and Friday


Dream Car Art Contest in AlRashid Mega Mall (Madinah) on Thursday and Friday


Dream Car Art Contest in Al-Othaim Mall in E.R. on Thursday and Friday


Dream Car Art Contest in Garanada Mall (Riyadh) on Thursday and Friday


Dream Car Art Contest in Red Sea Mall (Jeddah) during Thursday and Friday


Toyota Dream Car Art Contest was launched on Monday Dec 16th during the opening of Jeddah Motor Show.

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